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 2010Are you ready for the new album???
It was recorded during the last 2 months and was named "Emigrants" after the emblematic song of the same name. The theme of physical and emotional emigration is also covered in the English-language "Blues from the dark side of the wall", which sends a wink to many blues and rock standards. There is a song that smells like gas and another like brandy. There is a sincere ballad about the forgotten values, some candid rock'n'rolls and a boogie-woogie.

Digging still deeper in the Blues sound, Vasko's new band, "Patches Blues Band" shines brightly with this album after recording a live album in Germany last year and traveling thousands of miles on the dusty roads of Blues in Bulgaria and around Europe. Krassi Tabakov (lead guitar, slide guitar), Smilen Slavshtenski (bass), Vladislav Zidarov (drums) and Vasko the Patch - vocals, harmonica, guitars and songwriter. Also among the participants are Kamen "The Barrel" (vocals), Misho Shishkov (keyboards), Mihaela Nenova (violin), Ivan Hristov (kaval) and Beatrice Maole (vocals).

At this moment you are listening to the album promo - recorded live at Sofia Live Club on the 15th of June, 2010. It's an unique 3-hr performance including all songs from the album and many all-time hits.



"Krapkopoika" (Vasko's Songbook) was born of popular demand. So many friends always requested the lyrics and guitar chords. We compiled 7 of Vasko's most popular hits over the years and published them along with a colourful booklet with lyrics, chords and many photos.

You can see it, browse the pages and eventually order here: Faber


Vasko The Patch#Live: A flower for Gosho 2010
The poster is ready and you can see the final playlist for the evenings. It's the 10th anniversary festival for Gosho! As the organizer Vasko says "It'll be something more romantic this year, more hippy, more to the style and ideas of the authentic blues and rock'n'roll. There should be flowers on the stage, please bring them with you! Everyone knows the lyrics of Gosho's songs... Lets show him that we love him and that we remember!"

"A flower for Gosho" 2010 will take place on the stage in the South Park in Sofia on the 5-th and 6-th of June. See you there!


Vasko The Patch# Live: May 29th in the brand new club Marseille - 46B Bulgaria Blvd, Sofia with special guest Misho Shishkov. Right after the party Vasko will hit the road to Budapest to take part of the Bulgarian party with many other Bulgarian and Hungarian musicians. And right after the party, on the road again back to Bulgaria, to continue the preparations of our own, Bulgarian hippy festival, "A flower for Gosho" on the 5-th and 6-th of June.

Life on the road, yeah!


#NEW: The new album has been recorded!!!
Including 10 new original tracks and 5 live covers. We finally named it "Emigrants" on one of the songs. The subject of physical and emotional emigration continues to be actual and the only cure I know with time is called - blues. Sincere, honest, light, rizing us above all things - blues. Just a little bit of editing and fixing and we are ready for printing and promotion!

You can listen to some of the tracks on my Facebook page! And, especially for visitors of my website - you can download the full version of "The Forgotten Monastery" from this link. Download and share!

Vasko The Patch# Live: Sofia Blues Meeting!!! I really needed some time to realize what exactly hapened on that magical evening the 1st of March. I mean, I always liked Eric Sardinas, but this... Guys, i love you forever! God Blues you!

# on video: See the new music video "The Evil Forces", freshly uploaded to Vasko's YouTube channel!


# in Germany: We were invited to take part in the Blues Goes East festival in Karlsruhe, Germany, in May. This great festival was organized by Hand in Hand e.v. (Hans Walter). So we hired a camper and took off for Germany. We really did well at the Festival - not only there were no casualties from our gig, but we were also offered the great chance to record a Live album! So, on the 20th of October we are taking our blues bus "Rocinante" on a trip to Karlsruhe, and somewhere near, in the town of Horrenberg we are going to play two nights on stage, recording the gigs for CD & DVD. The name of the Live album will be „Blues From The Dark Side Of The Wall”, after the song we made up while on the road to Karlsruhe.

See videos of the gig in May - See the photos in the gallery


# Live: Patch Blues Band - We carry on!
Krassi Tabakov - guitar, Smilen - bass, Vladi (the child of Blues) - drums, Vasko 'the Patch' - bus driver and Kamen 'the Barrel' - navigator!
Meet us on the road, or every second Thursday (May 14th and 28th, June 11th and 25th etc.) in the already well known rock bar Fans (114, Levski blvd, Sofia) starting at 22:00.

Harmonica Blues Night# Live: "Harmonica Blues Night" - The latest blues challenge, organized by Sofia Blues Foundation, and namely by the blues-enthusiast - Borkata. On November, 11th, at 19:30 in the "Universiada" hall a blues concert of Sugar Blue will take place. Sugar Blue is a world famous blues-harmonica, which has taken part in several albums of The Rolling Stones, and has records and performances with Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Willie Dixon, Frank Zappa and many more during those wild times of the bluess'n'roll invasion He is awarded with "Grammy", etc. A real bluesman we haven't seen here by now. You just cannot miss this concert. Our BG blues heroes would also be there to challenge the blues legend with their harmonicas.
Hobo Blues Band

# Live: Hobo Blues Band turned 30! Our Hungarian heroes Hobo Blues Band are already 30 years on the road! The event will be celebrated on 27th of September at Sportarena, Budapest. Vasko The Patch is a special guest! Oh yeah!


Rock Bar Fans# Live: A big rock concert at the National Palace Hall 1
The usual suspects and rock dinosaurs joined Vasko on 29.05.2008 for a great rock show on the biggest bulgarian stage. The gig featured the old Poduene Blues Band members, gathered specially for the occasion, Patch'es Accoustic Band, Kaskadiori Rock Band, Kamen "The Barrel"s incredible vocals and more.

The musicians rocked away the audience with their greatest hits and for the final piece all fans who brought along their guitars were invited on stage and played together with Vasko the Patch. See photos in the Gallery.


# Live On Air: On Radio... again! Star FM and Vasko 'The Patch' present the new live radio show, Whatever blues - featured on the best rock classics radio in Bulgaria - Star FM.
"The Blues have a baby, and they name it RocknRoll", sang Muddy Waters in the middle of the last century. Our show will tell the story of the Blues and its children.
Every Tuesday at 20:00, Star FM (Sofia 105.6 MHz)


Rock Bar Fans# Live: Big Rock'n'Roll party!
It's been already five years of the traditional Thursday night at "Fans" rock bar in Sofia. There's some kind of magic in these Thursdays... Meet Vasko 'The Patch', Kamen 'The Barrel' and 'Kaskadiori' in person there!
Every Thursday at 22:30, Fans rock bar, Sofia, 114 Levski Blvd.


 #Live on TV: "Whatever... blues" - A TV show at last!
At last there is a TV show on Blies and Rock... With Vasko 'The Patch' as a host and a storyteller! A show with no scenario, no directors, no PR and no clappers! A show with only several cameras, several guitars, a piano and lots of fun (and no playback too)! The first show on 19.03.2008 had overwhelming success as Vasko and Milena Slavova rocked the stage. Long live Rock'n'Roll !!!
Every Wednesday at 22:30, SKAT cable TV.


# Live: "A flower for Gosho" 2008
The traditional blues-rock festival, tribute to the late rock star Georgi Minchev, was held on 10-11 May 2008. In only 2 days the audience met not only the classic rock bands but also some of the new generation of the Bulgarian rock scene. Vasko together with "Kaskadiori" and Kamen "The Barrel" were headliners on 10.05.

CD & DVD# On Record: After the super cool blues'n'roll summer, the successful participation at the festivals A Flower for Gosho, Berkrock, Rock in Rila, Blues on the Beach, Toucan Bluzz'n'rock Fest, Beer Fest Rousse, Moto Meetings in Kazanlak, Razgrad, Gabrovo, Chernomorets, etc. After the great tour with the Small Big Mouth Organ player from California Kellie Rucker it is time to pay attention to a project that have been developed on the move. This is the acoustic concert of Vasko the Patch & Co. presented in "Vlaykova" cinema - now on a double CD and DVD!!! Available only at Fans Rock Bar (114, Levski Blvd.), where the band plays every Thursday.
Poster# Live: After the super successful blues festival at the sea we are ready for the next blues experience together with the American blues author, singer and mouth organ player Kellie Rucker www.myspace.com/kellierucker! A hot chick with cool blues songs arrives here by the invitation of Vasko # and Borkata (Bluesa) for a concert in Sofia and jointly tour. On September 3rd , Monday, 20:00 h you are invited to a great concert with Vasko #, Kamen Katsata, Kaskadiori rock band and a special guest Kellie Rucker at the lovely small stage of Sfumato theatre (former Poduene bath, behind Sofia theatre in the Zaimov garden). Price 10 lv. After that the band goes on a tour towards the sea.

# On the Web: Our website has found its place in the mother of blues sites together with hundreds other pages and links from all over the world, that a Dutch blues enthusiast has gathered atwww.blueslinks.nl.

Poster# ''Blues On The Beach '07'': 11-12 August, for the third time blues enthusiasts gather at the sea side to play some blues and to get a drink at the coast. This year at the north beach in Burgas well try to find the spirit of the first blues fests at these places You can find us there together with some bands, the good weather and a special guest Richard Bargel from Germany. See the poster and rush to Burgas!!!

# on Air: Every Tuesday at 20:00 live on Mila Gold Radio (101.1 MHz) Vasko will be hosting his new show "Let It Be - This Is the Blues". More information to come...

# Live: Monday, 23.11.2006 at the National Palace of Culture - Hall 1 - a live concert of Hobo Blues Band, Vasko the Patch and Kaskadyori Rock Band, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first anti-communist uprising in Hungary 1956. The event is organized by programata.bg. Photos

# Live & on Record!!! - Friday, 13.10.2006 in Sofia, Vlaykova hall at 20:00 - an acoustic concert of Vasko the Patch &Co - The concert will be recorded and published as a Live DVD. Be there and help make the BG Rock'n'Roll history!

Album Cover - 2006 the Best# Record: At last, after years of hard work creating and defending the Bulgarian rebel blues, Vasko the Patch is present on the International music market with his original compilation Vasko "The Best" Patch! This album contains some of the symbolic songs, recorded illegally in those troubled times and now remastered together with the greatest new songs throughout his career. The CD can be found on CDbaby.com alongside thousands of independent musicians from around the world. Visit CDbaby now and tell your friends abroad too!

# Live: Blues on the beach '06 will be held 11-12 August at "Pod Smokinite" camping near Sozopol. The most colourful tents and the merriest blues fans will gather there for several evenings of guitars, drums, harmonicas and everything else - the stage will be open to everybody around with blues in their hearts. God blues you all!!!

The Peace Pipe '2006# Record: Vasko's new, 11-th album to hit the audience soon!
"The Peace Pipe" is already recorded and mixed in Graffitti studio, Sofia. Now there is mastering, printing and slamming the disk over the ignorant of guitar music audience. The album consists of twelve newly recorded pieces, 10 original and 2 covers. The title song "The Peace Pipe" is a tale of the old Indian chief which sounds suspiciously familiar in today's Bulgaria. It's a more than 8' long "piece for axe & orchestra" like no one has heard before on the Bulgarian market. During the promotion the album will be sold exclusively in the pubs where Vasko is playing and over the Internet.

# Live: 26.05.2006 in 'Toucan' blues & rock bar (112, Rakovski blvd, Sofia) - blues'n'rock session with Vasko the Patch and special guest Simone Michel (sax, harp, vocals - Germany).

# Live: The traditional rock festival 'A Flower for Gosho' took place on May 05-07 2006 in Sofia's South Park as usual. Vasko the Patch went on stage Sunday, 07.05.2006 together with 'Kaskadyori', Kamen the Barrel and Razvigor Popov. They closed the show with some pieces from the new album and at the end the audience sang along '100 years of rock'n'roll are not enough'...

# Live: The LIVE PROMOTION of Vasko's new album "The Peace Pipe" enjoyed great success on Apr 26th 2006 at 8:00 PM in "Sredets" culture hall.Rock in the Park - in the beautiful town of Sandanski, Bulgaria, 01.10.2005 Sofia Blues Foundation & RAI4O Productions organized a killer rock concert featuring Vasko the Patch, Kamen the Barrel, Kaskadyori, Naftalin featuring their new lead singer, the 13-year old Mony, Perfect Strangers, The Hithchikers and special guest - Stephen Richard, USA. See the poster!Vasko the Patch


Blues on the Beach !!! Vasko the Patch was the driving force of the BLUES ON THE BEACH FESTIVAL (29-30.07.2005 at the Smokinya camping near Sozopol). After several days of acoustic sound came two days of killer RHYTHM'N'BEER'N'BLUES'N'ROLL... at least ten bulgarian bands, that's almost all musicians that carry the Blues in their souls, crossed axes and the beach was covered with motley tents, the air of peace and love and a slow tune... draught beer etc... See photos.
Watch out for Blues on the Beach 2006!

July 01-02 2005 in Rousse the second Rousse Blues Fest was held. Vasko rocked the scene together with the 'Kaskadyori' rock band, who travel with him the dusty roads of Blues. Also on the scene: Krassi Tabakov - slide guitar and 'The Jolly Grinders' brass band. The project was naturally called 'Poduene Brass Band'.

# Live: This year's festival 'A Flower for Gosho' was held on May 06-08, in Sofia's South Park as always. Vasko the Patch was to be headliner together with 'Kaskadyori' and Kamen the Barrel saturday, 07.05.2005. Unfortunately the heavy rain cut off the electricity to the stage and the gig was cancelled.

During 2004 Vasko The Patch, as one of the inspirers and organizers of 'Sofia Blues Fest' and 'A Flower for Gosho' rock festival, dedicated to the famous bulgarian rock'n'roll bard George Minchev, together with some other blues enthusiasts founded the 'Sofia Blues Foundation' with the sole purpose to find ways and resources to help the Blues. Some of the intentions include festivals, concerts, clubs, sessions and jamborees, as well as album publishing and promotion, famous instrumentalist workshops etc.

Our blues'n'roll adventure continues... Any ideas welcome.

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